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Sita Ram Sita Ram Bkg. You can download the whole book in 3 parts in PDF format. Here you can get all the principles of Vastu for Home, Office, Factory and all types of buildings construction. We are giving approximate 300 example maps of residences with all the defects and their remedies. You can learn vastu by this book and also check and rectify your house according to Vastu. All the data available at this website is free of cost for download and you can use this data for your own website too. We also provide this data in Pendrive and Hard-Disk also.

We are updating this website contineously so please check it regularly for new updates. When and how did this project of translating Hisnul- Muslim into different languages start? Him and we seek His help. He is alone and has no partner. What was done before starting the translations? Arabic version, which he then did. As for the du’aa we were strongly advised not to use it.

Swahili language and other translations of the book. Ta’aalaa and then after that, some effort from ourselves. All praise and thanks to Allaah, the first language to be translated was in the English language, followed by French, Bengali, Urdu, Swahili, Malay, Hausa, etc. The books became very popular and others caught on to the idea and started translating into their own languages. Now Hisnul Muslim is available in at least forty languages. We also have it on audio in English which was recorded in the late 90’s. That was before the brothers on the tape finished their studies and left.