Flux through these pathways is modulated by cellular energy sensors that operate via transcriptional and translational regulatory mechanisms. Homeostatic regulation of energy balance in mammals. Signals from sites of fat storage communicate the friedman next 100 years pdf state of the body to the nervous system, which also receives environmental and sensory inputs. The nervous system integrates these signals and responds to alter behavior, physiology and energy uptake, storage and utilization.

In mammals, white adipose tissue functions as the main depot for fuel storage. Insulin is another key afferent signal to the CNS that controls energy balance. Insulin is secreted from the endocrine pancreas in proportion to fat mass and exerts potent effects on peripheral nutrient storage. Similar to leptin, insulin causes long-term inhibitory effects on energy intake. There is cross talk between insulin and leptin signaling in a common set of hypothalamic neurons.

Because energy balance involves this complex interplay between multiple tissues and signaling pathways, an integrated view of feeding behavior, neuroendocrine signaling, nutrient uptake, transport, storage and utilization is required for understanding fat regulation. Moreover, developmental programs that underlie fat storage capacity are fundamental to understanding fat regulation. A wealth of genetic and behavioral tools makes C. Thus, in the past few years, the study of fat in C.

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