This article is about the computer programming concept. For function in c programming pdf in mathematics, see Functor.

This article needs additional citations for verification. A typical use of a function object is in writing callback functions. A callback in procedural languages, such as C, may be performed by using function pointers. Consider the example of a sorting routine that uses a callback function to define an ordering relation between a pair of items.

Of course, this is just a trivial example. 11, the lambda expression provides a more succinct way to do the same thing. It is possible to use function objects in situations other than as callback functions. In this case, the shortened term functor is normally not used about the function object. For example, the following code defines a generator counting from 10 upwards and is invoked 11 times. A delegate can be declared using a named method or a lambda expression. Here is an example using a named method.

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Here is an example using a lambda expression. The difference between a delegate and a closure in D is automatically and conservatively determined by the compiler. In the Eiffel software development method and language, operations and objects are seen always as separate concepts. However, the agent mechanism facilitates the modeling of operations as runtime objects. Within software text, the language keyword agent allows agents to be constructed in a compact form. In the following example, the goal is to add the action of stepping the gauge forward to the list of actions to be executed in the event that a button is clicked.