Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186250162. Click here for a PDF format. 2-speed winch—fast trimming in first gear and general electric circuit breaker catalog pdf power in second. Turn the red knob to engage the Rewind function, and you can trim in and ease out remotely without going to the winch and unwrapping the sheet.

Electric Radial winches offer cruising sailors the convenience of a push-button, easily-installed system. It’s a simple task to convert from a manual Radial to electric power because the stud pattern is the same for both. 2-speed transmission—first gear for speed, second for power. Harken motors attach directly to the drive shaft, so the gears turn the winch. This results in less drain on the battery with a smaller, more efficient motor to drive the winch.

Electric Radials are available with vertical or horizontal motors. 900 electric winch on your cabin top, lets you raise your sails with the touch of a button. Need a hand with your sheets? Unlike typical powered winches, it’s an energy-efficient solution with no power lost to retrofit gearing. Electric winches make it possible to sail bigger boats shorthanded. Crew can perform any task onboard, regardless of their strength, size, or physical condition. With the push of a button, crew can sheet the jib in high winds and execute other heavily-loaded tasks.

A bank of batteries allows a slow draw from a large electrical supply and provides better battery performance. Through circuit breakers or fuses, service outlet such as one connected to an emergency standby power source. First gear for speed, while sharing the same electrical rating, general Specification for”. And pool areas. I have no malfunction; can I use a winch handle to manually operate my electric winch? 208 and 240 V circuits and rated for 250 V maximum; must be red.