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Each dot represents a SNP, with the X-axis showing genomic location and Y-axis showing association level. When applied to human data, GWA studies compare the DNA of participants having varying phenotypes for a particular trait or disease. GWA studies investigate the entire genome, in contrast to methods that specifically test a small number of pre-specified genetic regions. Hence, GWAS is a non-candidate-driven approach, in contrast to gene-specific candidate-driven studies. GWA studies identify SNPs and other variants in DNA associated with a disease, but they cannot on their own specify which genes are causal.

The first successful GWAS was published in 2005. It investigated patients with age-related macular degeneration and found two SNPs with significantly altered allele frequency compared to healthy controls. Any two human genomes differ in millions of different ways. In addition to the conceptual framework several additional factors enabled the GWA studies. One was the advent of biobanks, which are repositories of human genetic material that greatly reduced the cost and difficulty of collecting sufficient numbers of biological specimens for study. Example calculation illustrating the methodology of a case-control GWA study.

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