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Setting your life goals is one of the most life-changing thing you can do. What do I want from my life? Many are still underestimating the positive effect that goal setting can have. The simple reason for this is more often than not that they haven’t experienced first hand how it feels to define clearly what really drives them. If done right, goal setting can easily motivate you to take massive action and to grow as a human being. The Process of Goal Setting A goal is a future achievement with a timely deadline you can work towards to.

A goal is a thought with commitment to make it real. A compelling goal is something that has a deeper meaning to you. It is the kind of goal that excites you, that lets you grow and the achievement is fulfilling and rewarding. The following is the fastest way I know, to develop real life goals that are personally meaningful. The whole process may take 10 minutes to get out at least 3 compelling goals.

I’ve proven this method to myself as working and I use it that way regularly, at least every quarter when setting my 3-month goals and reviewing my long-term goals. So even if you are pretty good in goal setting, I think to start the process fresh is always beneficial and can produce fresh results. Get in State First you want to get into the right state to set compelling life goals for yourself. You must allow yourself to dream. Think of it like a child would do. Childs don’t have problems to come up with something that is challenging to achieve from a perspective of most adults.

Subgoals you’ve achieved, without actually working towards that goal. If the ladder if not leaning against the right wall, it just means adjusting your goal to fit your reality. It can be done with dedication – setting a timeline for your goal helps you identify and stick to the specific actions that you need to take to work towards that goal. One can see progress in what might have seemed a long, i am being productive but it’s hard for me to take extra initiative is what I mean.