Please forward this error screen to sharedip-166621036. What’s New with the FDA’s Data Integrity Guidance? What does this mean for a regulated laboratory? A veritable cornucopia of data integrity regulatory advice good design practices for gmp pharmaceutical facilities second edition pdf guidance is upon us!

Or perhaps another perspective is a tsunami of advice from the regulators? Figure 1: Data integrity guidance from regulatory sources. 20 years old, it is still worth reading because most laboratories have not changed their working practices greatly in the intervening time since its publication. The authority to delete files and override computer systems should be thoroughly examined. For the purposes of this column, we focus our discussion on the FDA guidance document on data integrity although the discussion will also bring up some of the other FDA guidances in Figure 1 as well as some other documents issued by the agency. 18 questions and answers, as shown in Table I.

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The FDA document does not have the more encompassing scope of the MHRA and WHO guidance documents that consider topics such as data governance, the role of management, and the extension of data integrity to an organization’s suppliers. Static data are typically discrete values such as temperature and pH that cannot be interpreted or as the guidance mentions a paper printout or image. User types need to be established that separate administrator privileges from those involved with generating, processing, and reviewing data. The FDA guidance also recommends maintaining a list of authorized individuals with their access privileges. This list should cover both current and historical users of a system.

In case you think this recommendation is an FDA rabbit out of the hat, it has been the stated agency position since 2007. This is good advice because it allows quality assurance, auditors, or inspectors to see at any point in time the access privileges that any individual has had for a system, including those of trainees, analysts, and supervisors. Questions 12 and 2: When Do Data Become a GMP Record and Can I Exclude GMP Data? Now we come to probably the most contentious part of the FDA guidance: question 12.