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Evil men could be destroyed, but nothing could be done with good men who were deluded. But why didn’t somebody say something! I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing it if I’d thought someone objected. Walter Breen, after molesting a 3-year-old girl in front of her parents at a party attended by prominent members of science fiction fandom.

How can such an esoteric and minority voice get away with such a crime against their organization’s own interests? The answer is simple: vandalism and destruction is not the unintended consequence of the protesters, nor is the inactivity of the majority a sign of helplessness. It is not the vocal few who have torn down Lovecraft’s statue, but the seemingly passive majority within World Fantasy’s body who, through unvoiced cheers, have blessed the desecration. The inactivity of the many provides cover for the crimes of the few. In science fiction circles, this principle does not only apply to such trifles as award ceremonies. Peabody’s suggestion that I had the true Marsh eyes myself. The Shadow Over Innsmouth, by H.

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In 1964 a pedophilia scandal rocked science fiction fandom, and most normal-thinking people would simply say it didn’t rock quite hard enough to shake off all the closet rapists from finding secret passages into a vulnerable fandom. The truth is the exact opposite: the scandal rocked science fiction — and, at least in some small way, society at large — toward an ethic of pro-pedophilia, toward a culture where child abuse is a virtue. Who cares what happens to the little bastard? The Perpetrators Child abuse in science fiction fandom may have its literary roots in the early 1940s work of Marion Zimmer Bradley, but the first known, publicized and prosecuted acts and cases of adults using the allure of science fiction and fantasy to prey upon the vulnerable are exemplified in Walter Breen’s criminal acts of the 1950s and 1960s, as particularly noted in the tumult now known as the Breendoggle. Breen may provide some of the better documented cases of the relationship between science fiction fandom and the subculture of pedophilia, although he is certainly not an isolated case. Numismatist, Greek Love author, husband of Marion Zimmer Bradley and SF fandom regular.

The author of Greek Love believes that boy-love is a potential social force for good. He was also employed in the 1950s to perform parapsychological experiments on gifted children at Columbia Medical School. Believe it or not, one component of those studies was to immerse the children into the culture of New York’s organized science fiction fandom. His experiments ended shortly before his arrest in 1954 in Atlantic City for pedophilia, which resulted in probation. Ed Kramer, SF editor and chief architect of one of the most successful SF conventions in the U. Ed’s boys’ — that’s what we called them.