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Perhaps they learned a few things along the way. I’m pointing out that Tesla focuses on cars, Uber focuses on transportation, and Google focuses on technology, while Apple focuses on experiences. But I doubt Apple ever viewed Nokia that way, because they never saw Nokia as competing in the personal computing business. What if they hired carpenters they way they hire programmers? It’s a complaint without a solution.

I’ve never met anyone in the software industry who is happy with the hiring process, and that includes everyone who’s designed the process. There’s always a terrific slight of hand going on when software developers try to draw analogies to other fields. Blue-collar credentials and being treated like a unique, creative, and highly-paid professional just aren’t compatible. Of course, there are carpenters who are creative craftsmen of the first order. Those aren’t the guys you’re going to bend over backwards to hire to frame your walls. The interviewee is worse than the interviewer.

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So, you’re a carpenter, are you? How long have you been doing it? What kind of work have you been doing? Tell me about some of your favorite projects. First of all, we’re working in a subdivision building a lot of brown houses. Have you built a lot of brown houses before?

I don’t see a lot of brown paint in the world. There is, however, a lot of brown stain, and brown shingling, and brown brick. And all those kinds of brown would seem to be of major interest to a carpenter: if something is being stained instead of painted then I’d think that would affect the choice of wood. Questions like this are exactly how a good interviewer separates a blinkered newbie from an expert with perspective.