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The extent of civil servants of a state as part of the “civil service” varies from country to country. Its mandate is to regulate and coordinate the conditions of service of staff in the United Nations common system, while promoting and maintaining high standards in the international civil service. In the areas of administration, especially the military, appointments were based solely on merit. The system reached its apogee during the Song dynasty. In theory, the Chinese civil service system provided one of the major outlets for social mobility in Chinese society, although in practice, due to the time-consuming nature of the study, the examination was generally only taken by sons of the landed gentry. In the late 19th century the system came under increasing internal dissatisfaction, and it was criticized as not reflecting the candidate’s ability to govern well, and for giving precedence to style over content and originality of thought. The Chinese system was often admired by European commentators from the 16th century onward.

Each had its own system, but in general, staff were appointed through patronage or outright purchase. By the 19th century, it became increasingly clear that these arrangements were falling short. The origins of the British civil service are better known. During the eighteenth century a number of Englishmen wrote in praise of the Chinese examination system, some of them going so far as to urge the adoption for England of something similar. The first concrete step in this direction was taken by the British East India Company in 1806.

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