Human trafficking in Canada has become a significant legal and political issue, and Canadian legislators have been criticized for having failed to deal with the problem in a more systematic way. British Columbia’s Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons formed in 2007, making British Columbia the first province of Canada to address human trafficking http www un org esa socdev unpfii documents drips_en pdf a formal manner. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons placed the country in “Tier 1” in 2017.

600-800 people are trafficked into Canada annually and that additional 1,500-2,200 are trafficked through Canada into the United States. The Future Group was a Canadian humanitarian NGO founded to draw attention to “human trafficking and the child sex trade”. It adopted a prohibitionist stance on prostitution. Canada has ignored calls for reform and continues to re-traumatize trafficking victims, with few exceptions, by subjecting them to routine deportation and fails to provide even basic support services. The 2010 report confirmed Canada’s Tier 1 status.

The report states that “Prostitution by willing adults is not human trafficking regardless of whether it is legalized, decriminalized, or criminalized. Therefore, should Canada fully legalize sex work, it will not affect its Tier ranking. The sexual exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal girls and women is far more common than most are willing to believe. According to The Native Women’s Association of Canada, the overrepresentation of Aboriginal women and girls in sexual exploitation and trafficking in Canada has been explored on repeated occasion through a span of years. However, the identified root causes never seem to change. Traffickers mask their exploitation behind the appearance of claiming to care about the girl, and the relationship may start out with expensive gifts.

A heavy presence for recruitment is the use of gangs. One of the motivators for a gang presence in the sex trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls may be the perception that trafficking women and girls for sex acts is a low-risk crime for incarceration. Education is crucial, both for potential “victims” and those around them, including the community. Part of education is not taking things for granted. It is not always obvious what is and is not appropriate. The practice of sexually trafficking women and girls is a practice that discriminates against their gender, under a justification on the part of the trafficker that this behaviour is somehow permissible.

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