Not to be confused with Illinois rules of the road pdf County, Illinois. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Wayne was a prominent center of horse breeding and farming research.

The community was known for breeding French Percheron horses, a draught horse similar to a Clydesdale. Housing along Army Trail Road in Wayne, Illinois. Wayne was originally named Wayne Station and was named after Anthony Wayne. Previously, the community was administered as a private association called the “Wayne Community Association” with voluntary contributions funding village services including police. Since World War II, Wayne has grown steadily, adding subdivisions near Illinois Route 59, off Munger Road, near Smith Road, near Dunham Castle at Army Trail Road, along Powis Road, and filling in throughout the Village.

A number of residents have home-based businesses or home offices. Dunham Castle, November 2006 during Stirrup Cup Celebration. Wayne’s primary landmark is the Dunham Castle, originally built between 1878 and 1882. The stone structure, complete with turret, was inspired by a Norman castle and was built by one of Wayne’s first pioneers, Mark Dunham, a Percheron horse breeder.

Mark Dunham’s horse farm, Oaklawn Farm, founded in Wayne in 1866, was one of the earliest Percheron breeding farms in the U. At the height of the Percheron business, Dunham built a house, now called Dunham Castle, near the farm, on the northwest corner of Army Trail Road and Dunham Road. The Dunhams-based the idea for the design of their new home on that of French chateaux. The building, of brick, and stone, with different colored slate roofing, stands surrounded by woods, gardens, and a gently sloping lawn. In 1899, Wirth Dunham inherited Dunham Castle.

In 1953, Dunham Castle was converted into four spacious apartments. No interior alterations were made that affected the structure. Between 1953 and 1976 there were several owners. In 1976, the Castle was sold to the Griffins family, who looked into making the house a museum, professional office, or private dining club. In 1976, the house was put up for sale. The castle has been rarely open to public tours, and for charity fund raisers. The house is again privately owned, having been sold in October, 2013 and in early 2016 started extensive renovation by its private owner with completion expected in 2018.

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