We offer free downloads of all our software packages. Our software packages can be used without a license key for test and evaluation. With PDI you can open existing PDF documents and incorporate some pages image processing toolbox pdf the PDFlib output. PDF documents and makes it available to search and retrieval software on Windows.

PDF files for fast Web delivery, and to apply or remove Acrobat security features. PLOP, plus the ability to apply digital signatures to PDF documents. PDFlib pCOS provides a simple and elegant facility for retrieving any information from a PDF document which is not part of the page contents. 0 – Online Manual Introduction These instructions are also available in pdf format. We recommend using the PDF version if a printable manual is required.

This is an OCX control that enables processing of graphic images. A comprehensive range of over 200 functions is available to load and save images, resize and edit images, draw text and shapes and interact with hardware devices such as printers, scanners and cameras. Most commonly used graphics file formats are supported. A free trial version of csXImage is available. If you are reading this instruction manual for the first time, it is likely that you have just downloaded and installed the trial version.

When you use the trial version, a line of text will be displayed at the top of any image as you view it in the control. Using these Instructions These instructions are divided into a number of sections covering different types of functions available in csXImage. A full Table of Contents is available below and an index listing all functions in Alphabetical order is included at the end for easy reference. Creating an Installer for a VB. Import and Export of Images Images can be read into the control and exported from the control in several different ways.

The most common method is to load files from disk and save files to disk. Reads the file from disk, loads the image into the control and displays the image. The following file types are supported: . XImage will recognise the file format from the file content even if the file has an incorrect or missing extension.

As Boolean – Displays a standard File Open dialogue box allowing the user to browse to an image file on disk, which is then loaded. The return value is True if a file is loaded and False if the user clicks the Cancel button or an error occurs when loading the file. Gives the number of images contained within a file. Note that reading of multiple images is only possible with TIFF or PDF files, so for other files this function will normally return the value 1.

As Boolean – Displays a standard File Save dialogue box allowing the user to save an image to disk. The return value is True if a file is saved and False if the user clicks the Cancel button or an error occurs when saving the file. PDF is not an image file format and these files are treated differently for loading images. Images can be present in PDF files as embedded objects and csXImage can find and extract some of these images. Due to wide variation in the formatting of images and methods of embedding them in PDF files, csXImage is not guaranteed to read all images from all files. Images in PDF files do not necessarily correspond to pages in the document.

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