The Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Programming Languages Noah D. PPLs have seen recent interest from the artificial intelligence, programming languages, cognitive science, and natural languages communities. This book explains how to implement PPLs by lightweight embedding into a importance of computer programming pdf language. Citing: Please cite this book as: N.

The Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Programming Languages. A small probabilistic language embedded in Javascript. Implementing marginal inference by enumeration using continuations, coroutines, and CPS. Inserting and commuting factor statements to get the right incremental sequencing. Models with continuous variables, importance sampling, and sequential Monte Carlo. Rational Speech Acts model of natural language pragmatics.

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A Bayesian literal listener who conditions on the meaning of a sentence. The meaning is computed by direct composition in a categorial grammar. Finding latent structure that renders to a target image. Combining pragmatic reasoning with incremental semantic parsing.

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