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Our Online Personal Ads achieve great results ! An online copy of the application is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Learn about upcoming specials, promotions, and newly released information. This course is designed to help raise a generation of youth who understand truth and connect history to God and high character. This course takes a general Protestant, Christian worldview, steering clear of any doctrine, and focusing on Christ-like character and basic Christian principles common to all Protestants. Teach children of all ages with a 60-minute lesson 2-3 times a week.

Student Explorers go along with lessons and provides additional materials and assignments for older children. Our studies and testing have shown that it is effective for children to see the whole sweep of history and how it fits together each year. In addition, children enjoy this approach as they can get fatigued with an entire year of the same time period, especially ancient history. Many history courses today are composed of dry facts given from a secular humanistic viewpoint, stripped of meaning, faith, and beauty. Beautiful history courses promotes truth, beauty, family interaction, high academics, and meaningful exploration. Just open the course and follow the instructions each day, learning and exploring along with your child.

Download the 4-year history plan outline. Read a detailed review and see a video on how the history curriculum works from Jane from Salty Tribe Co. Frequently Asked Questions For what ages are the courses designed? The lessons are for grades 1-12, to be done family-style. The Student Explorers that go along with the lessons offer lesson extensions for different age groups. If you have only younger children, it is suggested you start the course in second grade.

What do I name the courses if I have to submit high school non-accredited high course credits for history to my state? What level should I start my child on? Just start with the Year 1 course no matter what ages you are teaching. What do we do when we finish the history Year 4 course? The history courses are designed to be repeated. All of the history courses are designed to take one school year if you do two lessons a week.

If you are teaching older children, you may want to consider doing 3-4 lessons a week, going through more than one course in a year. Why is no Big Book of History Stories included in Year 2? We believe changing some of the course components each year avoids predictability and adds variation. The Year 1 and Year 3 history courses include Big Book of History Stories. For Year 2 and Year 4, we offer, for your convenience, an optional book pack with read-aloud books that go along with the units. Note: We have strict return policies.

Please carefully evaluate the many sample pages before purchasing. This 215-page, spiral-bound, course book guides the parent through the course, which requires no prep time other than glancing at future lessons to see if there are any extra items to gather. This high-quality, 204-page, full-color, spiral bound book includes maps and color images for use with the course book as well as 21 illustrated stories that correspond with the lessons. Dramatized audio recordings are a part of more than half the lessons. These powerful dramatizations follow the story of two siblings for whom history comes alive when they visit their uncle, a history professor, during their summer break. The password is included in the course book. Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, and Grades 10-12.