AMSAT – radio AMateur SATellite corp. ASN1 – Abstract Syntax Notation One, “ASN. Introduction to electrodynamics 3rd edition solutions pdf – Control Data Corporation, inc.

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DA – Digital to Analog converter, “D? DDS – Dataphone Digital service carrier offering 2. DIKU – Do I know you? DITYID – Did I tell you I’m distressed? DVMA – Direct Virtual Memory Access, see DMA, device uses MMU. FBV – a Dutch acronym for “Fluke, Ltd.

FIT – Federal Information Technologies, inc. GTSI – Government Technology Services, inc. HCR – Hodge Computer Research, inc. ISSI – Information Security Systems Inc. KDD – Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. NAAS – North American Automated Systems co. NZUSUGI – New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc.