For the American discount tourism ticket company, see CityPASS. Currently, the Red Line is the only one in operation, the first of several light rail lines planned in Jerusalem. Construction on the Red line began in 2002 and ended in 2010, when the testing phase began. Jerusalem light rail map pdf project required construction of the Jerusalem Chords Bridge as well as other renovation projects around Jerusalem.

After repeated delays due to archaeological discoveries and technical issues, service began, initially free of charge, on August 19, 2011. It became fully operational on December 1, 2011. The Green line’s plans have been approved by the city of Jerusalem, with right-of-way clearing works underway and construction tenders, including those for the red line extension, currently in the bidding process, while the approval process on the Blue line has started. The tram would connect the city with Ein Karem and Bethlehem.

In 1918, the British Army built a rail system linking the German Colony with Al-Bireh, on the outskirts of Ramallah, traversing Jerusalem along a winding route. In the 1970s, when traffic congestion mounted in the city center, proposals were discussed for widening the main roads. In 1996, the government approved new plans for an integrated network relying on rapid transit, including a light rail system and bus rapid transit. In the 1990s, a light rail system was proposed as a means of providing faster and less polluting public transit through the heart of the city, and reversing the decline of certain central areas. However, the principal agreement with the Dan Bus Company did not materialize. Veolia entered another principal agreement with Egged.

Inauguration of the light rail service was postponed four times. The initial date was January 2009, deferred to August 2010 due to funding problems and lack of staff. In late 2009, trees were planted along the line. The Jerusalem Central Bus Station is slated to become a major passenger transportation hub. A park and ride facility was built near Mount Herzl, consisting of a multi-storey car park with the first line terminal on its roof, which is actually at the street level of Herzl Boulevard. An additional parking lot was erected adjacent to the Ammunition Hill stop.

The blue line from Ramot to Gilo is currently served by buses moving on a dedicated bus lane, and is planned to be converted to light rail. It will include an underground section in the city center with three underground stops: Mea Shearim, Tzfania and Bar Ilan. 6 km Green line will link the two campuses of the Hebrew University and continue south via Pat junction to Gilo. It will pass the Binyanei-Hauma terminus of the A1 fast line railway, then cross the existing Red Line tram route and run to Mount Scopus. The bus stops on this route have been designed to match the tram stops on the Red Line. The first car was delivered via the Port of Ashdod in September 2007. French Hill in northern East Jerusalem.

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The route and vehicles are monitored from the control center, and trams are driven under line-of-sight principles with built-in priority at many road intersections. Operations were affected by a labor dispute in 2011. In May 2012, security personnel complained of poor working condition and lack of transparency from their employers—allegations which were denied by the security company. NIS 500 million to NIS 1. It was also noted that the government had spent NIS 1.

2 billion on the project up to 2007, which pointed to a further deviation. The agreement was made public in 2012, and generated controversy over a clause where the government pledged to remove competition to the light rail from other public transportation. 4 million in the first half year on fines. Rettig Gur wrote “Though I have no proof, I am convinced the expiration policy is intentional. The project was also criticized for increasing air pollution in Jerusalem during construction. The project was criticized because the Red Line route passes through territories Israel has held under occupation since the Six-Day War to service Israeli settlements such as French Hill and Pisgat Ze’ev. In a 2009 report, the United Nations Human Rights Council described the Jerusalem Light Rail as infrastructure servicing Israeli settlements.

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