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Buckminster Fuller – The World of R. Galen Joseph-Hunter is the Executive Director of Wave Farm. Founded in 1997, Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organization driven by experimentation with broadcast media and the airwaves. Emily Zimmerman is Associate Curator of Programs at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, and serves on Wave Farm’s Board of Directors. Chris Hughes is an artist and curator living in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He really, really, really loves video art. Shahryar Nashat is a visual artist.

Shirt is a rapper and visual artist from New York. His influences range from John Baldessari and Marcel Duchamp, to Nas and Biggie. The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society is a New York-based book club, founded in 2011, whose hundreds of members have met and red topless in dozens of locations around New York City, where female toplessness is legally permitted anywhere male toplessness is. Writer and curator Roy Voragen is based in Bandung, Indonesia, since 2003.

365 days, a complete list can be downloaded here. Olivia Locher is a photographer based in New York City. Robert Reginio is an Associate Professor of English at Alfred University and is the editor of Samuel Beckett and Contemporary Art. Syros Film Thing programs uncommon films in an uncommon way on a rock in the Aegean. Born in Los Angeles, Japanese-American Roddy Bogawa studied art and played in punk bands before turning to filmmaking.

Egan Frantz and Liz Wendelbo are artists based in Brooklyn. AA Bronson is an artist and healer living and working in Berlin. Gabriele Marino is a young semiotician from Italy. Simon Reynolds is the author of Retromania and maintains a bunch of blogs centred around blissblog. Dan Colman is the editor of Open Culture, the web site he created in 2006.

He’s also the Director of Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program. JODI – My Desktop OS X 10. Dušan Barok is founding editor of Monoskop. The compression artifacts are so extreme that they turn the piece into something else: something truly monochrome. On this vinyl rip, only the left stereo channel survived, but is left with a constant low hum from the wrongly grounded record player. Ichyanagi’s great piece, which combines post-war avant-garde electronics with traditional Japanese music, thus gains a minimal music drone as its third compositional element. The mother of all alternative porn films loses its explicitness and gains mystery thanks to heavy video codec artifacts.

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