Bible as events which have already happened. The term preterism comes from the Knowing scripture rc sproul pdf praeter, which Webster’s 1913 dictionary lists as a prefix denoting that something is “past” or “beyond”. Adherents of preterism are commonly known as preterists.

Olivet discourse had come to pass by AD 70. Preterism was one of, if not the earliest eschatological position of early Christians, written about as early as the third century by Eusebius of Caeseria between 300 and 310 ad. From that point on the Church writers were nearly universally partial or full preterists. As rigid historicism and end times cults have risen to prominence, the preterist position has come under attack. Due to resistance by Protestant Historicists, the preterist view was slow to gain acceptance outside the Roman Catholic Church.

Preterism still struggled to gain credibility within other Protestant countries, especially England. By the end of the 18th century preterist exposition had gradually become more widespread. Republic of Geneva as a librarian. The earliest American full preterist work was ‘The Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ: A Past Event’, which was written in 1845 by Robert Townley.

Young’s Literal Translation being a key work. The two principal schools of preterist thought are commonly called partial preterism and full preterism. Preterists disagree significantly about the exact meaning of the terms used to denote these divisions of preterist thought. Some partial preterists prefer to call their position orthodox preterism, thus contrasting their agreement with the creeds of the Ecumenical Councils with what they perceive to be the full preterists’ rejection of the same.

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