The inventions of Nikola Tesla are numerous. There are konstantin meyl scalar waves pdf misconceptions about Tesla coils and their intended use. The light shows that can be produced by them are spectacular, but these stunning visual displays have little to do with their true function and capabilities. In addition, many people consider them as nothing more than high voltage transformers.

But a Tesla coil is not a conventional transformer and does not utilize magnetic induction. Tesla coils have capabilities beyond even the highest voltage transformers of our day, because they are something far different. When an electrical switch in an electrical circuit is opened or closed, a spark of high voltage can be created. In Tesla’s day, engineers and workmen had to be very careful of this phenomenon when working with high voltage DC generators. A sudden closure of a circuit being powered from a dynamo capable of generating a few thousand Watts, could produce electrical discharges of several hundred thousand volts. These discharges were often fatal to those who were exposed to them.

In his lab, Tesla would utilize a dynamo to produce very quick pulses of high voltage direct current. He noticed these pulses could completely vaporize thin wires. In addition, these pulses could produce what seemed like pressure waves that would induce stinging sensations. At first he thought these blasts waves were composed of tiny particles of the vaporized metal.

This possibility was ruled out when he noticed nothing could shield them, including glass or even copper sheets. He continued testing with larger wires, faster pulses, and with higher voltages. Before long, he started to gain an understanding of the variables that controlled the intensity of these disruptive discharges. Eventually, he did away with the wire and utilized a simple spark gap. By increasing the voltage from the dynamo and shortening the length of the pulses he could make these discharges much more powerful.

He could feel them from all the way across the room! Many more variables came into play. This was important because any flow of current reduced the maximum intensity of the disruptive discharge. A very interesting effect was creating these powerful discharges. With sufficiently rapid pulses, current could be completely prevented from flowing in the conductive material. This would produce a decoupling of the current and voltage. Tesla’s disruptive discharges produced longitudinal waves in the aether.

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