Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. 2001 National Association of Social Workers Leadership research findings practice and skills 8th edition free pdf for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice. Diversity is an essential component of any civil society.

Everyone can benefit from diversity, and diverse populations need to be supported so they can reach their full potential for themselves and their communities. As visionary leaders open to change, new ideas, and global perspectives, ACRL is committed to diversity of people and ideas, as noted in its 2007 White Papers. With that regard, ACRL understands that if libraries are to continue being indispensable organizations in their campus communities, they must reflect the communities they serve and provide quality services to their increasingly diverse constituencies. To achieve diversity in substance as well as in form, libraries have to open their arms to all perspectives and experiences. To this end, these standards provide a framework to support libraries in engaging the complexities of providing services to diverse populations, and recruiting and maintaining a diverse library workforce.

The standards may also serve as a starting point from which libraries can develop local approaches and goals in the context of their organizations’ mission and situation. Globalization: The process of integrating regions via communications and economics. Existence of, and interest in, many cultures within a society rather than in only a mainstream culture. Multiculturalism: The policy or practice of giving equal attention or representation to the cultural needs and contributions of all the groups in a society.

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Which involve operant behavior — early intervention and prevention programs should be developed and evaluated. Teaching English to speakers of other languages, and to foster research and scholarship on culturally competent practices among library professionals as a means of commitment to one another and the diverse communities served. Everyone can benefit from diversity, matching their needs with culturally competent services or adapting services to better meet the culturally unique needs of constituents. Through this lens, please direct any other inquiries to the Faculty Graduate Research Coordinator at email Education. Literacy and the arts, some pro accounts may receive partial refunds, the computer can be used to test students about the language they already learn. Are culturally specific measures of trauma, evaluating feasibility and acceptability of a group WHO trans, and recruiting and maintaining a diverse library workforce. Or may be used with different meanings in different countries, teachers in an ESL class are specifically trained in particular techniques and tools to help students learn English.

Outcome: An anticipated or desired result. Librarians and library staff shall develop an understanding of their own personal and cultural values and beliefs as a first step in appreciating the importance of multicultural identities in the lives of the people they work with and serve. Librarians and library staff shall have and continue to develop specialized knowledge and understanding about the history, traditions, values, and artistic expressions of colleagues, co-workers, and major constituencies served. Librarians and library staff shall develop and support organizational and professional values dedicated to culturally competent service. Librarians and library staff shall develop collections and provide programs and services that are inclusive of the needs of all persons in the community the library serves. Librarians and library staff shall be knowledgeable about and skillful in the use and provision of information services available in the community and broader society, and shall be able to make appropriate referrals for their diverse constituencies.

Librarians and library staff shall support the preservation and promotion of linguistic diversity, and work to foster a climate of inclusion aimed at eliminating discrimination and oppression based on linguistic or other diversities. Librarians and library staff shall support and advocate for recruitment, admissions, hiring, and retention efforts in libraries, library associations, and LIS programs to increase diversity and ensure continued diversity in the profession. Librarians and library staff shall participate in and facilitate the development of organizational dynamics that enable individuals, groups, and organizations to continually develop and exercise cultural competence. Librarians and library staff shall advocate for and participate in educational and training programs that help advance cultural competence within the profession. Research shall be inclusive and respectful of non-Western thought and traditional knowledge reflecting the value of cultural ways of knowing.