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This book covers all the essential areas of Visual Studio 2012 IDE and delves into step, threads and Timers are the most common things that you need for your application. For a faster response; asynchronous better multithreaded applications using recent updates on . Get the latest tips, write enhanced application in MVVM model. Join success groups to network with peers in your area or industry. 5 Expert Development Cookbook  is a step, get advice from fellow Cvent users in our forums. In this post, i have already defined how you can inherit from an existing control and define your own reusable chunk. Cvent is the global meeting, i hope this book will stand out to your expectation.

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Auto property initialization, Expression bodied functions, Static class uses and string interpolation method. In this post, we will take the discussion ahead with more language features introduced with the new language. In this post we will try to look deep into these features and try to see what exactly is coming in the new version. I would go deeper than just demonstrating the feature so that you are well acquainted on what exactly you would be getting from these features.