Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. While updating their 24, 27″ and 30″ models last time, Dell also lg colour tv circuit diagram pdf a new 21.

The U2212HM is marketed on their website with the following summary description: “See vivid imagery from almost any angle. Note: Many aspects of this screen are similar to the U2412M and U2312HM and so elements of this review will match those of our other reviews. Performance tests will of course vary but features, OSD etc remain very similar between the three new models. The U2212HM offers a fairly standard set of PC connections, with a single DVI-D and D-sub available.

It would have perhaps been nice to also see an HDMI connection available here. Dell have included a 4 port USB 2. There are no further features here such as ambient light sensors, integrated speakers, card readers etc but the screen is compatible with Dell’s sound bar. Above: front and back views of the screen.

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The U2212HM comes in an all black coloured design with matte plastics used for the bezel and stand. The bezel is a thin and attractive at 17mm wide along all sides. The lower bezel features a shiny silver coloured Dell logo in the centre. There is no other writing on the bezel at all.