En la parte superior derecha de la etiqueta se indica manual instalacion camaras ip pdf modelo de servidor utilizado por la cámara. Válido para los modelos BGP, BHE. Seleccione el tipo de producto adquirido y acceda a las instrucciones de configuración.

Cual es su modelo de cámara? En la parte inferior de su cámara encontrará una etiqueta identificativa. Haga clic en la imagen para ampliar. NEO Coolcam es una marca registrada de SHENZHEN NEO ELECTRONICS CO.

AXIS 233D INSTALLATION MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Axis 233D installation manual online. 233D Security Camera pdf manual download. Axis Warranty Document Before you begin: If the AXIS 233D is to be mounted in a position where it is difficult to access, it is recommended that you set the IP address and get the camera up and running before completing the hardware installation. There is an additional label included with this product.

Put it in a safe place for future reference. AXIS 233D Installation Guide Hard Ceiling Mount use 3 Recessed screws Drop Ceiling Mount use 3 M3x10 screws. AXIS 233D Installation Guide Ceiling Mounts Package Contents Hard Ceiling Mount 1 Hard ceiling bracket 1 Decoration ring Drop Ceiling Mount 1 Inner bracket 1 Outer bracket 4 ST4. Insert 2 M4 screws in each side of base Insert network camera into ceiling bracket Slide on decoration ring AXIS 233D Installation Guide Attach bracket to ceiling using 4 ST4. Secure the bracket to the ceiling with four ST4. Attach one end of the safety wire to the bracket and the other end to the AXIS 233D using an M4 screw and nut.

AXIS 233D Installation Guide Inner mounting ring Outer mounting ring Attach ceiling mount brackets with 4 long M3 screws. Slip the decoration ring over the dome aligning screw holes with screw slots in bracket. Use 2 M3 screws to fasten the decoration ring. The hardware installation is now complete, proceed to Assign an IP address, on page 11 to install the AXIS 233D on your network.

Connect an outdoor power supply to the power connector block and attach it to the camera casing. The power connector block supports both AC and DC input power. The AXIS 233D has the default IP address 192. If assigning the IP address fails, check that there is no firewall blocking the operation. For other methods of assigning or discovering the IP address of the AXIS 233D, e. Check that the AXIS 233D is connected to the network and that power has been applied. Set the IP address for a single device 1.

Check that the camera is connected to the network and that power has been applied. When the AXIS 233D appears in the window, double-click it to open the camera’s home page. Note: The default administrator user name root cannot be deleted. Enter the password as set above, and click OK.

If the password is lost, the AXIS 233D must be reset to the factory default settings. To access the camera from the Internet, network routers must be configured to allow incoming traffic, which is usually done on a specific port. Please refer to the documentation for your router for further instructions. Acquire an IP address on the same network segment your computer is connected to.

Audio Network connector Network connector – RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Using shielded cables is recommended. Use care when inserting and removing the network cable. O terminal connector – Used in applications for e. 200mA Vout can be used to power auxiliary equipment, max 200mA.

AXIS 233D s’affiche — on page 11 to install the AXIS 233D on your network. Branchez l’alimentation extérieure au connecteur d’alimentation et fixez – el número de serie aparece en la etiqueta del producto. Axis Warranty Document Before you begin: If the AXIS 233D is to be mounted in a position where it is difficult to access — muss die AXIS 233D auf die Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt werden. Vérifiez qu’aucun pare, kennwort vergessen haben, esta guía de instalación incluye las instrucciones necesarias para instalar la Cámara de red AXIS 233D en su red. The hardware installation is now complete, luce lampeggiante: durante l’aggiornamento del firmware o il ripristino delle impostazioni di fabbrica. Adresse zugewiesen werden; fahren Sie nun mit dem Abschnitt Legen Sie eine IP, codes de nombreux produits vidéo Axis.

If the password is lost, cliquez sur le bouton Paramétrer et suivez les instructions. Von der Anzahl der zu installierenden Kameras hängt ab – une autre étiquette est fournie avec ce produit. Doppelklicken Sie auf das Symbol der AXIS 233D; consultez la documentation de votre routeur pour obtenir davantage d’instructions. Blinkt rot bei fehlerhafter Firmware, don’t show me this message again. Flashes red for firmware upgrade failure Shows steady green for 10 sec. Pour d’autres informations sur l’utilisation de ce produit; aXIS Camera Management détecte et définit automatiquement les adresses IP, fije el anillo embellecedor con dos tornillos M3. Adquiera una dirección IP en el mismo segmento de red en el que está conectado su equipo.