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Designed specifically for the oil and gas market, theG855 and GTA855 deliver exceptional dependabilityand low cost of operation in wellhead, gas lift andgathering compression applications. Cummins natural gas engines are designed andbuilt to maximize uptime and minimize maintenancerequirements. Compressor uptime is crucial to profitability. The compact design of the QSF2. Our products can helpyou achieve a reduction in emissions while loweringoperating costs through improved fuel efficiency,lower maintenance costs and quick turnaround onrepairs. They contain newbushings, thrust bearings, gears and plugs forthe gallery pipe. Whether you are manufacturing a large excavator, wheelloader, four-wheel-drive tractor, crusher, rock drill orcompressor, the QSX15 for U.

Our Energy Is Working For You. The HMI includesprovisions for many setup and adjustmentfunctions. Marine And Offshore Oil And Gas Center Of Excellence. At Cummins, we recognize the harsh workingenvironment of the marine offshore and oil andgas industries and the demands it puts on yourvessel.