It’s hard to believe, but Coca-Cola Zero officially turned 10 earlier this month. The origins of Coke Zero can be traced back to the late 1990s, when the search for a next-generation, no-calorie Coca-Cola began. Coke’s portfolio lacked a low-calorie sparkling option for younger marketing success stories 7th edition pdf who, for the most part, wanted real Coca-Cola taste with zero calories and a brand they could call their own. Coke Zero would eventually offer the best of both worlds.

D team spent years testing and tweaking the Coke Zero formula, experimenting to make it as Coke-like as possible. Speed was of the essence, but getting the product right and achieving a breakthrough in taste technology was priority one. D team wanted to formulate a zero-calorie cola that “punched up above its weight class”, according to one senior executive. An earlier version of Coke Zero was introduced in the Nordics as Coca-Cola Light in 2001. A few months before its official launch in the U. Coke Zero and limited-edition premiums was sold in an online auction, with all proceeds going to charity. The stunt helped generate strong buzz about the new product.

A mid-calorie cola called C2 tentatively tabled the Coke Zero launch. C2 debuted with great fanfare in Japan, followed by the United States, with the promise of half the sugar, calories and carbs as Coca-Cola. But the brand eventually fizzled with consumers. Although C2 was not the smash hit Coke hoped for, it yielded valuable insights and gave the company a springboard to launch Coke Zero. Coke Zero debuted in the U. When Coke Zero premiered in the U.

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June 2005, it was not an overnight success. Coke Zero debuted in white cans and bottles to help the brand stand out on store shelves. Coke Zero needed a more masculine look and message. Coca-Cola New Zealand pioneered the black packaging Coke Zero is known for. A few months after the U.

All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team. The team unveiled the brand in both white and black cans and let consumers pick a favorite. The black can won in a landslide. Packaging wasn’t the only thing Australia got right. Humorous, irreverent advertising has played a role in Coke Zero’s success since the early days. Coke Zero tastes so much like Coke. The mock films were a hit online, prompting Coke Zero to air them on TV and extend the storyline with a series of comedic sequels that communicated the fact Coke Zero tastes like Coca-Cola.

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