Wondering where to go for your next Motorbike Trip ? An off-road trail bike adventure is now a real possibility in this remote and undiscovered part of the World in Mongolia. Flights to Mongolia from around the world Airlines flying to Ulaanbaatar are MIAT, Aeroflot, Air China, Korean Air and Turkish Airlines. For the adventurous cyclist, a mountain biking vacation in Mongolia is a great way to enjoy an active and challenging ride, to experience master of the desert nomads pdf fascinating culture, and to escape from the pressures of life in the Western world.

Are you an enthusiastic motorbike rider looking for your next off the beaten track holiday destination ? An off-road trail bike adventure is now a real possibility in this remote and undiscovered part of the world. You will find the experience of motorbike touring in Mongolia is not only challenging and lots of fun, but you will gain an insight into a completely different way of life, that of Mongolia’s nomads. We organise several fixed date group trips in Mongolia which you are welcome to join as an individual or if there are several of you.

This is a good way to travel in Mongolia if you want the companionship of others and it will reduce the price as costs are shared. NON-RIDERS are welcome on any tour and can travel in one of the support vehicles. 02 – 09 June 2018 Motorbike group tour in Eastern Mongolia to the place where Genghis Khan was born. 14 – 23 July 2018 Motorbike group tour to the Gobi Desert passing through South Gobi province. 17 – 25 August 2018 Our new motorbike group tour across Middle Gobi and Ovorkhangai province. 8 – 13 August 2018 Middle Gobi motorcycle tour includes the monastery ruins at Ongii Hiid.

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