Well hopefully the information provided here will give you an overview of what you need to do and put your mind at rest. If you’re an old hand then some of what follows may be familiar to you but I expect even you will find some ideas and tips that you can add to your Quiz Master arsenal. The main thing to keep in mind at all times is math trivia questions and answers pdf a quiz night is great fun for all involved and if your quiz night is raising money for a good cause you can pull in some valuable funds at the same time. If you as the quiz organiser lose sight of how fun the quiz night can be so will everyone else.

So put a smile on your dial and expect to have a good time. Make sure scorers have a copy of the questions and answers and a way to record each teams score. The script should contain the questions as well as instructions for any sponsor mentions and special announcements to be made. Someone greets people as they enter and collects their entrance fee. If people have paid in advance the person collecting money from people who are paying on the night will need a list of prepaid teams or people. Each team is asked to provide their team name to the scorers. Pausing for 30 seconds or so between each question so that teams may confer and decide on their answers.

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After all the questions have been read the MC asks one person from each team to bring their answer sheets to the scorer’s table. The scorers compare the answers on the answer sheet to the correct answers and total the score for each round for each team. 10-20 minute break so people may stretch their legs. The winning team is announced, there may be a prize for the first, second, third and last placed teams. The MC thanks the organisers and asks everyone to drive home safely. Perhaps you will have a half time break or include some novelty games that require people to stand up.