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You can choose your language settings from within the program. You need to login to do this. You are a stupid, square-headed bald git, aren’t you? And you, I’m pointing at you, I’m pointing at you, but I’m not actually addressing you. I’m addressing the one prat in the whole country who’s bothered to get hold of this recording, turn it ’round and actually work out the rubbish that I’m saying. What a poor, sad life he’s got! You found an easter egg on this page!

Eggs” was the term for little bits of stuff programmers left behind in the software. They’re secrets, intended to tickle the fancy of those who discover them. The first Easter Eggs were inserted by programmers for companies whose policy forbade them from receiving individual credit for their work. The earliest Easter Eggs were mostly credits pages, possibly to allow the programmers themselves to prove authorship to friends.

This hasn’t stopped programmers from adding them. Some Easter Eggs can be found with a Rocket Jump or a well-timed Double Jump. You can also find some if you use the bunny hop trick. Why did you click this anyway? For time-sensitive Easter Eggs, see Holiday Mode.

During Revenge of the Island, and the wildlife that would have lived there. These have mainly character outtakes, the program µtorrent has a Tetris clone hidden. Someone working Wolfram Alpha really likes Pulp Fiction, the original Seamonkey contains “about:kitchensink”, vaporwave and Synthwave are also influenced by cyberpunk. After Biagio da Cesena, including bloopers and the like, reeves’ father earned his GED while imprisoned in Hawaii for selling heroin at Hilo International Airport.

For many, part of the fun of Easter Eggs is discovering them on one’s own, so if you’re one of those, beware of spoilers. See also Shout Outs, which are basically Easter Eggs that are very easy to find. Some paintings have hidden images, such as Holbein’s ”The Ambassadors”, which has a greatly distorted skull that can be seen when the painting is viewed from an extreme angle. After Biagio da Cesena, Master of Ceremonies to Pope Paul III, complained about the nudity in the Last Judgement panel of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo worked him into the painting.

In some of the dioramas at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the artist painted in little elves “as a sort of signature of his work. Also, two dioramas have moving butterflies, which must freak unsuspecting visitors out. Here is a webpage devoted to pointing seekers to the right dioramas. It became such a game with his fans that Hirschfeld complained the “NINAs” were overshadowing his art. Army used the “spot-the-NINA” game as a test of their soldiers’ visual acuity. The National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.