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These are materials written by various authors about the Puritans or other Reformed subjects. An article from the Banner of Truth about one of Owen’s gems. A useful taste from a great feast. Originally published as a series of articles in the Banner of Truth in 1979 and 1980, here is the straight story on Puritan evangelism. Called “Preparationism” by its critics or “Seeking Evangelism” by its friends, it is the opposite of the “seeker friendly” fad of today. Murray writes with authority on this controversial topic as he marshalls his army of quotations and footnotes on both sides.

Even if you finally disagree with Hooker, you won’t correctly understand what he said until you read this. The first part of the series above, which includes a biographical sketch of Hooker and some historical background for understanding his significance. Murray doesn’t discuss the controversy in this section, but it is quite interesting on its own. Here are some chapters from his book by the same title. Witherow gives biographical sketches of Presbyterian ministers and some extracts from their writings.

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The story of Presbyterianism in Ireland is a story of suffering, persecution, and fidelity to God. Originally an address at a ministers’ conference in 1988, this article may be somewhat dated politically, but is an accurate and helpful guide for those unfamiliar with Northern Ireland. Rev Donnelly explains some of the historical and spiritual dimensions of the Troubles. English Puritans and the Pilgrims who came to New England. A valuable introduction to the Puritans and their significance today.