Upgrade projects are lots of fun. They are full of challenges that keep you busy day and night all the time. I have encountered a very interesting challenge on my last upgrade project. The object upgrade process was completed, the data upgrade procedure ready to go, but when we started first tests we realized that the data upgrade execution takes some 39 hours to complete just Microsoft dynamics sure step methodology pdf 1.

Without even bothering to measure Step 2, we realized we need to do something about it. Eventually, we got it down to under a second. If you want to learn how, read on. L Entry table, so it can’t really be fast.

L Entry table was involved in the Step 1 of the upgrade procedure in the first place? L Entry table have been declared as Text, instead of Code since a very old version of NAV. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that somebody thought it was a smart idea to set these two fields to type Text. Microsoft has decided to change these to Code and it was a decision that was not as smart as it was necessary. Changing a field type is not rocket science: in step 1, move the fields to the upgrade table, empty the fields in the original table, and then in step 2, change the type of the field, move the fields from the upgrade table, and then empty and delete the upgrade table.

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Everybody knows that some things are simply impossible until somebody, who doesn’t know that, makes them possible. We tried to beef up hardware, but it helped only a tiny fraction. We were still in high 30-ies in terms of hours for Step 1. Step 2 will take exactly the same time, because it needs to do exactly the same kind of work to move the data back to original fields.

Obviously, NAV with it’s loopie-loopie cursor type of data upgrade process is not the fastest animal on the farm. We needed to take this down to SQL if we really wanted to improve the speed. Our next step was to give up on the upgrade table altogether. Step 1 was reduced from 39 hours down to 2 hours, meaning 4 hours down from 78 hours for both data upgrade steps. An idea popped up to me, and it came from the way how NAV 2015 handles syncing data through the upgrade codeunits. Something like that must be possible.