In 1947 mind machines you can build pdf gentleman named Clark Mills designed a small sail boat for kids to learn to build and sail called the Optimist. This boat was designed to be built from 3 sheets of plywood, with basic woodworking abilities. As time progressed, builders began to modify the boats to gain speed advantages – as happens with all vehicles.

In 1995 the International Optimist Association took the boat back to its roots and a set of dimensions were compiled to retain an exact shape of the boat, so as to remove design advantages from one boat to another. The tolerances do not allow the builder to exploit the possible variations of shape of the hull, but do allow a competent builder to construct a legal racing hull. Half Moon Bay Yacht Club has a summer youth sailing camp. Through the years we have trained many a young boy or girl to rig and sail the small boats available to us. Normally in an older Laser or Coronado 15. The plans for the boat can be found from many sources for free on the internet. Plans are available in many languages, as well.

But none provide CAD quality drawings or files to work with modern computer controlled machine tooling. Well, here they are:  The jig as well as the major parts of the boat. Now to get started, the jig we have designed is the exact dimensions of a finished hull shape. Both ends of the jig have interlocking pieces to allow for inserting and removing as needed during the building of the boat. 4″ dado 8″ to each side of center to fit into the grooves of the forms. These should be cut so as to be flush with the top of the form and screwed into place to prevent movement.

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The bottom boards provide a stable platform for the jig to sit on. The jig should be placed on a flat surface for the build, as distortion to the jig will transfer to the boat being built. 18 mm cut form dagger rudder mast doublers. 12mm Marine grade plywood  If you save your larger scraps for doubling plates and gunwale rails, you will have very little waste. The first cuts should be for the 6mm deep dado at both ends of the hull to join the bow and transoms to. The second cut should be for the dagger board trunk cut out.

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