This has been fueled and supported by various national and international corporations and other regimes which have an interest in the outcome of the conflict. Although mobutu sese seko pdf have returned home as violence has slightly decreased, there are still some 1. These shocking figures would usually be more than enough to get media attention the world over, especially if it were to threaten influential nations in some way. Yet, perhaps as a cruel irony, influential nations in the world benefit from the vast resources coming from the DRC for which people are dying over.

After 75 years of colonial rule, the Belgians left very abruptly, relinquishing the political rights to the people of Congo in 1960. However, economic rights were not there for the country to flourish. Patrice Lumumba, January 11, 2007As well as Belgium’s historical interests, the changing world after World War II meant Cold War interests also played its part. More evidence has emerged that when United States president Dwight Eisenhower met his national security advisers to talk about the situation in Congo two months after the June 1961 independence he said Lumumba, the country’s first prime minister, should be eliminated. Mobutu was rationalized on the grounds of fighting communism and Soviet influence in Africa, but the U.

Lying at the center of the continent, Zaire could provide the U. Hartung and Bridget Moix, Deadly Legacy: U. Arms to Africa and the Congo War, Arms Trade Resource Center, World Policy Institute, January 2000As Stephen Weissman summarizes, in 2002, following an extensive parliamentary inquiry, the Belgian government assumed a portion of responsibility for Lumumba’s murder. From the time of Belgian colonial rule, the inhabitants of the region have derived little if any benefit from its natural wealth. Instead, they have suffered an unbroken succession of abusive political administrations, military authorities and armed political groups that have looted the region and committed human rights abuses with impunity. King Leopold II accrued vast personal wealth without ever setting foot on Congolese soil.

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After independence in 1960, the long presidency of Mobutu Sese Seko made the newly named Zaire notorious for cronyism and corruption. When President Mobutu came into office in 1965, a sustained period of institutionalised corruption and misappropriation of state resources began. Large proportions of the revenues from state-owned companies, such as the copper and cobalt company Gécamines, went not to the state treasury but straight into the pockets of President Mobutu and his closest allies. Today, Mobutu is deposed and dead, but his legacies live on. David Malin Roodman, Still Waiting for the Jubilee, World Watch Institute, 26 April 2001. Since then, there have been many internal conflicts where all sides have been supported from various neighbors.