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It’s free, and currently it’s being distributed through the Leanpub publishing platform. It will incorporate all the concepts of this chapter with far more detail and useful exercises. Regular expressions are used to match patterns in text. And as utterly dry as that sounds, if you learn nothing else from this book, learn regular expressions.

They don’t require programming and they can be used right in your text editor. I can’t emphasize enough the indispensability of regular expressions. When I took computer science in college, regular expressions were just an optional chapter in the back of the textbook. I wish I had been forced to learn about them much, much earlier. They are the most useful text-related tool you can easily learn. They can be used without doing any programming.

You will be using them throughout your programming career. Replace all occurrences of “NYC” with “New York City”. With a regular expression, you can do the same find-and-replace action but catch “N. NY, NY”, “nyc” and any other slight variations in spelling and capitalizations, all in one go. That’s the least you can do with a regular expression. Likewise, they are extremely powerful for data cleaning. Regexes involve a new syntax to memorize.