Follow the link for more information. Naples lonely planet pdf of Arms of Roger I of Sicily.

Coat of Arms of Robert Guiscard. Italian peninsula and for a time Africa from its founding by Roger II in 1130 until 1816. In 1282, a revolt against Angevin rule, known as the Sicilian Vespers, threw off Charles of Anjou’s rule of the island of Sicily. After 1302 the island kingdom was sometimes called the Kingdom of Trinacria.

Normans under Roger I who conquered Sicily, taking it away from the Arab Muslims. Roger II, the first king of Sicily. Scribes of and for the various populations of the Kingdom of Sicily: Greeks, Saracens, Latins. Maximal expansion of the Kingdom of Sicily.

The Norman Kingdom was created on Christmas Day, 1130, by Roger II of Sicily, with the agreement of Pope Innocent II, who united the lands Roger had inherited from his father Roger I of Sicily. Then Lothair, who had hoped for the complete conquest of Sicily, gave Capua and Apulia from the Kingdom of Sicily to Roger’s enemies. Innocent protested, claiming that Apulia fell under papal claims. Lothair turned north, but died while crossing the Alps on December 4, 1137. Roger’s son and successor was William I of Sicily, known as “William the Bad”, though his nickname derived primarily from his lack of popularity with the chroniclers, who supported the baronial revolts which William suppressed, while during these times North Africa was taken by Almohads. William II had named his aunt Constance, the daughter of Roger II who married future Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor his heiress. The accession of Frederick, a child who would then become also the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in 1197, greatly affected the immediate future of Sicily.

For a land so used to centralised royal authority, the king’s young age caused a serious power vacuum. The Hohenstaufen’s grip on power, however, was not secure. Walter III of Brienne had married the daughter of Tancred of Sicily. She was sister and heiress of the deposed King William III of Sicily. In 1201 William decided to claim the kingdom.

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