Please forward this error screen to 209. Literacy in the Navigating early book pdf: Activity No. Many kids love to read about science and nature as well as real people, places, and events.

Kids love to read about real people, places, and events. Nonfiction books present real information in engaging and interesting ways. Talk about nonfiction Begin by explaining that the book you’re about to share is nonfiction. That means that the book will give us information that is true. The book will be organized around a specific topic or idea, and we may learn new facts through reading. Some kids even enjoy sorting their home libraries into fiction and nonfiction books.

This simple categorization task helps your child understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Look at the parts Most good nonfiction books will have helpful features that are not a part of most fiction books. These parts include a table of contents, an index, a glossary, photographs and charts with captions, and a list of sources. Share the purpose of the features with your reader.

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Table of Contents Located at the front of a book, the table of contents displays a list of the big ideas within the book and where to find them. Index An index is an alphabetical list of almost everything covered within the book, with page numbers. Readers can use the index to look up specific terms or concepts and go right to the specific information they’re looking for. Glossary Located at the back of the book, a glossary contains key words that are related to the topic and their definitions. These definitions provide more information about new vocabulary words.