Mac if the computer is running low on available disk space. The Other storage is the blue item in new versions of OS X, and the yellow item in the graph on prior versions of Mac OS X, regardless, Other is visible in any modern version os x support essentials 10.11 pdf download Mac OS X.

In versions prior to OS X 10. About This Mac screen to see the Storage tab, otherwise everything else is the same. The size of Other is often quite large in OS X and it varies considerably as you can see in the various screen shots here, but again, this is not something to overly concern yourself with as it could be in the iOS world. Nonetheless, it can be valuable to know what that other stuff is, particularly in the event you are running low on disk space. Essentially it’s anything that OS X does not allocate to the listed specified storage types of applications, backups, audio, movies, backups, and photos. As you can see, this is not unnecessary junk or clutter.

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OS storage, and while there can be some bloated caches and other junk, the Other storage on a Mac is more likely to make sense. Storage on a Mac Generally speaking, the Other storage on a Mac is not something to overly concern yourself with unless you’re running low on disk space. If you do want to try and clean up the Other storage capacity in OS X, you’ll want to look in the following locations for data and files you no longer need. Going further, you can apply some broader techniques to free up disk storage and the Other space. As usual with deleting things in OS X, always back up your Mac with Time Machine before getting started, and do not remove items you are not uncertain of. System directory or any other root directory or system folder.

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