Preparing America’s students for success. Are your research notes on cocktail napkins? Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition 3. Douglas Johnston, the package includes a wide array of cards covering life management, project planning, calendars, notetaking, business development, and creative uses like writing, pdf binder official site, mind mapping, and photography.

Moleskine, or as a stand-alone system. For PERSONAL, non-commercial use only, please. Yearly calendars for 2006 and 2007, in both Sunday-Saturday and Monday-Sunday configurations. Yes, your pleas were heard! Many different variations on the monthly calendar, both horizontal and vertical, as well as several one- and two-card weekly calendars. To-Do Lists, and other task management templates, including several tabbed versions you can punch and include in a larger planner.

Several “top-down” life and project management forms, including Harmony, Project, and Priority Matrix. A number of business-oriented forms, including Finances, Job Tracker, Product Idea, and Solutions. Templates for Contacts, Contact Logs, and Important Numbers. Mind Map, a pocket Photographic Release, and more. A set of handy tabbed cards, including an OOo template to contruct your own.

The folding cover also has an optional extension to protect tabs. Tired of explaining the Hipster PDA to people and jotting down the 43 Folders and DIYPlanner. Well, pass along “The Helpful Hipster PDA Reference Card”. Consider making a small donation to support this project. This edition is available in three different packages: please read the descriptions to determine which one is best for you.

To help conserve our valuable bandwidth, we ask that you only download what you need. This PDF package is for printing directly onto index cards. 4 inch margins, and will clip the edges of the forms. If you can’t print onto regular index cards without clipping, this is probably your best option.

PDF files with your printer. These are currently being updated. Conor, whose smile wipes all worry away. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click “Save settings” to activate your changes. It was a pleasure to be able to assist in the DIYPlanner project by creating the OOo Draw Cover template! I’m glad that you got it done in time and I hope you are not too exhausted.

And thank you for the excellent job on the OOo templates. I doubt these would have been included but for your help. And now people know where to go for help with them. These cards are awesome and were worth the wait. I had some fun trying to figure out the folding cover, I finally understand how to do it. I have the cover folded correctly.

Or photos of the completed cover? Last week I had no idea what an isometric was and now I am drawing the damn things. I know you’re finally getting that well-deserved rest! After the zzz’s wear off, you can tweak the new hPDA homepage to mention that, indeed, 2007 is next year: “Yearly calendars for 2005 and 2006, in both Sunday-Saturday and Monday-Sunday configurations. Thanks for your gift to the world! I’m already printing new cards for my deck. I love the cover options.

I am curious though, if anyone has considered making any of these a text doc for openoffice. Then, one could import google calendar info with a macro. From there, I hope that we might be able to construct macros and perhaps “webify” certain of the templates. I only have vagues ideas about this as of yet. Using this option, you’d set it to fit your DIY templates, and use these to print.