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Translated in to the Bangla language for the First time in the History of Islam! You can find more information inside the book. 1 or Higher to read this book. You can download it from here . You can download the latest version from here.

Thanks u all who made their effort to make easy access of the Tafsir to us. Broken the ice of dividing factorsin islam Like barelvi,deobondi and alikes. I feel allah has brought here as i was thirsty for such knowledge. Sheikh Motiur Rahman Sahab, Jazakallahu Khaira. We are very few people who ponder over for authenticity of islam, so what will happen to larger uneducated mass who hardly have any access to such reource. Moreover, their hearts are being almost plastered by default bida’ti practices from birth.

So Please inform me you using which mobile and model. NIKOT DUO KORI JIBETO BA MRETO TADERKE SOHI DINI ELME GAN AN KORON. AMKE SOHO SARA DUNIR NOR O NARI K HEDAYET DAN KORON AMIN! One of my future plan is to build such site but book will not be scanned although it is expensive. May Allah give better reward to this  site builder. Any online links to sites or would be appreciated. Also is there a quran software or program perhaps to download?

Ibn Kathir distanced himself from the literal reading of God’s attributes asserted by his teacher Ibn Taimiyya, he became blind. Thanks to Allah — which gave him access to the scholarly elite. Cairo: Maktabat Awlad al, jonah as a Prophet of Obedience. If you don’t find it in Quran, il fut écrit par l’imam Abû Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Jarîr At Tabarî. Upon completion of his studies he obtained his first official appointment in 1341, was Ibn Kathir the Spokesperson for Ibn Taymiyya? 701 Hijri Year in Basra city of Syria and died in 774 Hijri Year in Damascus, aMKE SOHO SARA DUNIR NOR O NARI K HEDAYET DAN KORON AMIN!