An impacted tooth is one peterson principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery pdf free download fails to erupt into the dental arch within the expected developmental window. Because impacted teeth do not erupt, they are retained throughout the individual’s lifetime unless extracted or exposed surgically.

Classifications enable the oral surgeon to determine the difficulty in removal of the impacted tooth. The primary factor determining the difficulty is accessibility, which is determined by adjacent teeth or other structures that impair access or delivery pathway. Very rare case of vertical premolar impaction: the permanent second premolar on the lower right side of the mouth is impacted, inverted and pierces the mandibular bone. Notice that the deciduous second molar is also present, which is uncommon because the patient is a 37 year old man.

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Most commonly used classification system with respect to treatment planning. This type of classification is based on the amount of impacted tooth that is covered with the mandibular ramus. It is known as the Pell and Gregory classification, classes 1, 2, and 3. The depth of the impacted tooth compared with the adjacent second molar gives the basis for this type of classification. This was also given by Pell and Gregory and is called as Pell and Gregory A, B and C classification.