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Achieve a Healthier Life and Vibrant Friskiness Step-by-Step! Skill Power, Not Will Power, Is the Key to Success! Have you ever wondered how you got SO off track with your lifestyle choices? To learn about what happened–the mystery–requires you becoming a detective. As a detective, you will need some tools to figure out clues to your mystery. The twelve essential skills below will provide answers for you.

You use the skills and different tools to discover how you do what you do, right now. Then you figure out strategies to practice making healthful substitutions–to substitute new choices that will, over time, help you achieve a healthier relationship with your food and life. Success at achieving a healthier relationship with food and yourself, transforming addictions, and finding increased well-being, for a lifetime, requires learning a series of new lifestyle skills. These skills allow us to create our lives in a NEW way. Before I started my journey, I didn’t know any of these skills. This Web site is a blueprint for self-change. It’s a toolkit–tools don’t do anything.

YOU do as you use the tools to discover how you do what you do. With self-directed learning you can discover the issues or problems that are most relevant to you at the moment. They are based on your own experience. You set your own agenda and your own pace.

Why Would Someone Try My Approach? As you explore below, ask yourself, “What are YOUR root causes? There you will find an invaluable collection of weight-loss and addiction-free life wisdom. I Have learned most of what I know from other people. Time and time again, I have seen people’s lives blossom after they made the decision to invest the time in themselves to study and practice the twelve skills listed below. I encourage you to just pick and choose those themes that you would like to explore.

Remember, your health is your greatest wealth! Answer the questions, “Oh my, how did I get to where I’m at now? Discover the Power of FUN: Celebrate Enjoyable Ways to be Active for Life! Maintenance: Learn How to Cultivate Life-Long Well-Being. How Do You Begin Your Journey of Lifestyle Change with Awareness of the Big Picture? How Can You Begin to Make Changes In Your Life? What Do You Look For In Selecting a Healthy Living Program?

How to Keep Motivated: Remember Each Day Your Motivation! Small Baby Steps Lead to Success. Over time, what you plant is what you get. Invest In Yourself: Invent A New Life! Out of the Darkness, Into the Light. What Does It Look Like When Things Are Going Well?

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Make Your Mind An Ocean: Become Your Own Therapist! What are all of the factors that influence you? Notice in Your Life That Everything Is Interconnected! What are the Challenges That Derail Your Healthy Lifestyle Efforts and How Can You Transform Them? Explore your present lifestyle and your daily habits: What areas are you ready make to changes in?

Discover Guidance At A Glance: What Steps Are You Ready to Take? How Do I Begin to Make Changes? How Bob Invented a New Life! What Are The Puzzle Pieces For Long-Term Health? Which Puzzle Pieces Contribute to Your Lifestyle Imbalance? Overcome Your Obstacles to Healthful Eating and Living: Discover Your Solutions! What You Plant Is What You Get!