In Britain, during the First World War, 1914 to 1918, queues for food had become dangerously long. A Ministry of Food was created to help with the homefront food pickle jar theory pdf, and rationing was introduced starting with sugar in December 1917, then with meat and butter in February 1918. The government congratulated itself on its measures, and the Ministry of Food was dissolved on 31 March 1921.

Britain would do better during the Second World War, 1939 to 1945. The British population emerged healthier than it had ever been before, and families had been educated in putting nutritional, frugal meals on their tables. In many ways, it was home economics that would win the war. 20 million tons of shipping a year. 2 of cheese imports came from New Zealand alone, a long ways away by shipping lanes. Knowing this would lead the Axis powers into hoping to starve the British population into submission, by cutting off those food supply lines.

The British government began planning for wartime rationing in 1936. Should war occur again, this time they hoped to be better prepared based on their experiences the last time around. Department was set up as part of the Board of Trade to do the project planning. Ration booklets were printed up in 1938, ready to go. On the 4th September 1939, the Ministry of Food was reconstituted, with William Morrison as the Minister.

On 3 April 1940, Neville Chamberlain replaced Morrison with Frederick Marquis, Baron Woolton. Lewis store chain in Northern England. He had proven experience in communicating with consumers, and had been awarded a peerage in 1939 before the war for his contributions to British industry. He had not been involved in politics or government previously.

Ministry the goals of treating the British public as consumers, and explaining nutrition to them in simple terms so that they could get the most nutrition out of the available food despite the rations. Previously, before the war, the British government had been infiltrated by the thinking of Home Economists. Their methods of communicating would prove to be effective: by the end of the war, housewives had become very educated in nutritional vocabulary. The Ministry issued many cooking leaflets, often dedicated to specific topics such as the magic of carrots. The language used was practical, and realistic for the time — in listing ingredients for suggested recipes, the government leaflets would often say beside an ingredient such as butter: “if possible. 15,000 people eventually worked for the Ministry of Food.

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