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The titles in this series offer compelling historical perspectives on the individuals and communities that have profoundly influenced mathematics’ development. This series presents the substantial body of work of many outstanding mathematicians. Readers can follow the major ideas and themes that developed over the course of a given mathematician’s career. Mathematicians continue to mine and utilize insights and results from classic mathematical literature. The mission of this series is to make some of the most important classics available to new generations of mathematicians. The American Mathematical Society publishes and distributes many titles that do not fit into a specific series.

Discover our diverse offering of books, including many titles on the history of mathematics, including biographies, and historical perspectives. Free Online AMS Books AMS History of Mathematics, Volume 1: A Century of Mathematics in America, Part I, Edited by Peter Duren, with the assistance of Richard A. AMS History of Mathematics, Volume 2: A Century of Mathematics in America, Part II, edited by Peter Duren, with the assistance of Richard A. The histories of mathematical activity at the major U. AMS History of Mathematics, Volume 3: A Century of Mathematics in America, Part III , edited by Peter Duren, with the assistance of Richard A. The mathematics and mathematical personalities in some of the nation’s prominent departments.

Mathematics into the Twenty-First Century, Felix E. The proceedings of the AMS centennial symposium. Free Online Resources AMS Presidents: A Timeline. Browse through the timeline to learn about AMS presidents since the Society’s founding in 1888. Feature Column: Monthly Essays on Mathematical Topics. See columns by David Austin, Bill Casselman, Joe Malkevitch and Tony Phillips on history of mathematics and historical figures. The articles are listed below in reverse chronologcal order by publication date.

Arveson: A Tribute,” Daniel Markiewicz and Palle E. Paying Tribute to James Eells and Joseph H. Remembering Paul Malliavin,” by Daniel W. Irving Kaplansky’s Role in Mid-Twentieth Century Functional Analysis,” by Richard V. The Legacy of Kurt Mahler,” by Jonathan M. David Rittenhouse: Modern Mathematician,” by David E.

Cradle Song of James Clerk Maxwell,” by Daniel S. Srinivasa Ramanujan: Going Strong at 125 Krishnaswami Alladi, Editor, Part I: December 2012 and Part II: January 2013. Winifred Edgerton Merrill: ‘She Opened the Door’,” by Susan E. General History, Reviews of books on mathematics history and historical figures “Who Would Have Won the Fields Medal 150 Years Ago? Gelfand and His Seminar–A Presence,” by A. On the Genesis of the Woods Hole Fixed Point Theorem,” by Loring W.

A Medieval Mystery: Nicole Oresme’s Concept of Curvitas,” by Isabel M. Is There a Curse of the Fields Medal? Book Review: “A History in Sum”, by Steve Nadis and Shing Tung Yau. Book Review of “Henri Poincare–A Scientific Biography”, by Jeremy Gray. Book Review of “Naming Infinity: A True Story of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity”, by Loren Graham and Jean-Michel Kantor. Mandelbrot on Mathematics,” by Michael F.