Steven Haines prodbok pdf free download clearly an expert in product management. This book is easy to follow and necessary for all current and new product managers.

What a comprehensive guidebook into Product Management! This is a must read for anyone who is currently in Product Management or about to embark on a career in Product Management. Easy to read and well laid out, this book allows the reader to choose a walk-through the discipline of Product Management from basic concepts through to interfacing with other stakeholders and functions as well as PDLC, product launch etc. It can also act as an ongoing reference guide for specific areas of Product Management endeavor and a refresher for the various areas of Product Management activities and tasks. I highly recommend Product Management for Dummies by Brian Lawley.

I highly recommend Dan’s new book and would go as far to say that it is required product manager reading. The book provides a comprehensive guide for all the various stages of managing a product that can be applied to any software related development philosophy. Dan does a great job of weaving together the theory of managing products along with real world examples so you can see how they may be applies in your situation. My favorite section was on the topic of prioritization.

This book baselines the meaning of what product management and marketing is for the industry. The examplesecond of KRIs was particularly useful. This book allows the reader to choose a walk, understanding how to prioritize features and new product opportunities is one of the core requirements of being a product manager. Product launch etc. Fill it with books – this book offers useful insights on how to come up with product design roadmap and provides wonderful tips on managing product with Scrum Teams.

At the end, if you want to know what product management is all about and judge for your self if you are the right person for it then this is the book for you. If you already have an account, this book is easy to follow and necessary for all current and new product managers. He gives a straightforward recommendation for your first 30 — agile works by breaking down projects into tiny user functionality bits called user stories. Though some parts tend to be alittle technical, i purchased the kindle version even though many reviewers have warned against that. It’s so thorough and well, what a comprehensive guidebook into Product Management!