The bad news is you can only import Quark version 4 files. If you do have legacy versions of Quark, see below for instructions on converting files yourself. Recently I was quarkxpress 10 tutorial pdf on an enormous book project for a publishing client in Greece.

Potentially a complete nightmare Both books had been created using Quark XPress 7. But using the procedure below I managed to convert both books without any problems. The positioning of all text boxes and images were the same, and with only the odd spacing glitch where I’d embedded images within text boxes, all was fine. I spent a lot of time checking each page, but not nearly as much time as I would have spent recreating the documents from scratch. So if the Quark file is already version 4, no problem. If it’s version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 2015, read on!

You might have to re-establish image links, but that should be about it. You can now save the file as an INDD file. Make sure you check the content carefully though – no conversion is perfect. Save As, and save the file as a version 4 file. Quark version 5 as demonstrated above. Then you’ll need to open them in Quark 5 and back-save them to version 4! Save As you’ll need to export the document as a Quark 6 Project.

Layouts as Projects, export the document as a Quark 7 project, open in Q7 and follow the steps above. Layouts as Projects, export the document as a Quark 8 project, open in Q8 and follow the steps above. Layouts as Projects, export the document as a Quark 9 project, open in Q9 and follow the steps above. Layouts as Projects, export the document as a Quark 10 project, open in Q10 and follow the steps above. Or what if you want something a little more convenient, and more thorough?

The answer is to look at the commercial possibilities. Markzware have been a name I’ve been familiar with for years. This is what Markzware does very well – it looks for gaps in the big software titles and then designs the plugins and software to fill those gaps. Their customer service is excellent as well – I remember e-mailing a hurried message of to the support guys late on a Friday, not really expecting any help until the following week. They called back within two minutes – I’ve been a fan ever since! However, Markzware are up-front about the fact that no conversion is perfect, and some reworking will probably be required. So if you’re looking for a perfect facsimile of the original, you’ll be disappointed unless the document being converted is very basic.

Any conversion will, however, save you an enormous amount of time which would otherwise be spent on recreating the Quark files manually. If you’d like us to convert your Quark file for you, click here to get started. Training If you’re seeking graphic design employment, are you confident that you know what will be expected of you? If you’ve worked in a studio before, did you ever feel that your training had let you down at any time? If there are gaps in your knowledge, where can you go to fill them? The skills involved in graphic design today are hugely diverse. Today’s designer has to be not only a creative artist, but also a proofreader, webmaster, copywriter, project manager and an expert in the printing process to name just a few – and if you’re also running your own business, let’s not forget the roles of accountant, office manager, creative director and coffee-maker It can be a tough game.

But graphic design is exciting, fulfilling, creative and a great career path to follow. I remember my first design job. I was terrified that I’d be found out at any moment – and it took me a long time to rid myself of the feeling that I was ‘faking it’. I literally learned my trade on the job, and there are a thousand things that I would’ve loved to know at the time, which I picked up over the years that I’ve worked as a designer. Tinstar also creates websites and customized year planners.