Has it been done by others. Rebuild your vision pdf, we don’t have any “DETAILED” explanation of a successful rebuilding project. But there is enough info here to get you pointed in a the right direction.

If you have inputs to this page . That means they are selected at the time of actual assembly to adjust some values on the board. No 2 TCI are alike here and the resister values can’t be predicted. The values here are examples of what was found in the  TCI module we dismantled. Note: There should be two values of tantalums.

1 35 and the other 1 35. Due to the age of the part and many times how the part is inserted in the system, the decimal is often overlooked or are missing. These can be replaced with ceramic, non-polarized, as a preferred option are equivalent tantalums. Given the technology improvements in both ceramic and tantalum capacitors, the aluminum electrolytic I highly suggest replacing with tantalum equivalents as the first option with ceramic as the second option. Greenies” 472K 50 G is a 4700 pF 50 volt Mylar film capacitor. Replacement with any ceramic of equivalent value is acceptable and preferred.

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