In commemoration of the invention and original commercial development of the schlumberger company profile pdf electric submersible pump by Mr. ARMAIS ARUTUNOFF, founder of Reda Pump. Before the history section, — a brief note and single paragraph about today’s esp industry environment to help put the historical perspective in context. In the not too distant past, there were just a few esp suppliers.

The recent trend has been a growing amount of new entry esp suppliers. Some brief history of Arutunoff’s invention, and the ESP industry. Background : Armais Arutunoff was born June 21, 1893 in Tiflis, Georgia – a town with a rich history dating back to the 5th Century, located in the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Sea. Born to an Armenian family, his father was a soap manufacturer, and his grandfather a fur trader. Arutunoff’s study of power transmission showed that electrical transmission of power can be efficiently applied at nearly all conditions. His ambition was to apply the results of his study to oil drilling and improve the antiquated methods he saw in use in the early 1900’s in Russia.

To do this, a small, yet high horsepower electric motor was needed. The limitation imposed by available casing sizes made it necessary that the motor be relatively small in diameter. The existing state of the art and design laws at the time indicated that a motor of small diameter would necessarily be quite low in horsepower. In 1916, Arutunoff was redesigning a centrifugal pump to be coupled to the motor for dewatering mines and ships. To develop sufficient power it was necessary that the motor operate at high speeds.

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For direct attachment to such a motor, thus permitting the simplest power transmission to be used, the pump needed to be a rotating device and operate at the same speed with the motor. Arutunoff was manufacturing in the original ESP workshop his pump and motor. After developing in 1916 the electrical submergible motor and pump, Arutunoff emigrated to America in 1923. How the ESP industry in the early days was relocated to the State of Oklahoma. Phillips Petroleum Company, heard about Arutunoff’s invention and saw what this could do for the petroleum industry. With three employees, Arutunoff built and installed the first ESP in an oil well in the El Dorado field near Burns, Kansas. News of its success created quite a stir in the oil patch.

The New York Times send Arutunoff a telegram saying, “Please rush good pictures showing oil well motors that are upside down”. Phillips Petroleum lease, near Burns, Kansas, 1928. Arutunoff is third from right, shown with the original Reda employees. Great business success meant great wealth and the Arutunoff family lived in grand style in Bartlesville, neighbors with many of the oil tycoons of that generation.