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This website is continually updated. Freehand on a wintel laptop and Macintosh at home. Also discussion of the scientific method and how astrology is not a science and what makes astronomy a science. Borrowing from Carl Sagan’s “The Demon-Haunted World”, I take up the subject of UFOs as alien spacecraft. Einstein’s Special Relativity and General Relativity theories.

General properties of light, definition of frequency, spectrum, temperature. Bohr model for the atom. This chapter is an introduction to planetary science. Mars discussion now includes proofs for liquid water in past and sub-surface water ice. The Earth discussion now includes the role of plate tectonics in the carbon cycle, evidence for human contribution to the atmospheric carbon dioxide and to the observed global temperature rise. Australia and the aurorae are from Fairbanks, Alaska. The rest of the album are from various beautiful places in the western United States and eastern Australia.

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But to your question, “Creation: Where’s the proof? It covers all products of the human mind, how modern science came into the world. I could let you know that the link given above is not the interactive textbook; but most of those poems referenced in Grade 1 are easy to find in other books. “In a multiverse, if anyone knows or knows where to find a pdf of the missing book that would be appreciated.