RTM are pleased to announce that we have been awarded Gold Dealer status by Etesia. Skd11 material properties pdf premier grading means we have the very best tools of the trade in our toolbox, we buy at the very best rates, we service and support product to the highest levels, we cover a wide trading area with factory trained skilled personnel and we meet all the criteria to be at the pinnacle of Etesia’s UK distributors. You’re free to buy where you choose but with RTM you can be sure of first class service and excellent product support everyday it’s what we believe in.

Pellenc 2014 Overall Partner in Excellence. The professional’s choice in ‘cut-and-collect’ rotary mowers has just got better, with the addition of an Etesia Rear Roller Kit for easy, effortless striping – in all weathers. An Etesia ride-on mower recently marked a significant milestone in the company’s history as the last ever Hydro 100 MVEHH rolled off the production line in France. The Hydro 100 made its revolutionary appearance back in 1989 as the first ride-on mower with direct ejection and integrated collection. This new concept took the market by storm and was emulated by many competitors’ years later.

Other features will include a lighter steering system and larger petrol tank – combined with the improved higher speed will mean that the new model will be able to go faster for longer. Available at the same price as the previous Hydro 100 MVEHH, the new ride-on mower model is expected to be in high demand when it reaches the UK market later this year. Twenty-Five years ago, Etesia made its entry into the world of green spaces. It was in 1989 and the concept was a revolutionary one – the first ride-on mower with direct ejection and integrated collection, the Hydro 100. This new concept made a strong impact on the mower market and rapidly became the standard-setter. The fact that after over 15 years of exclusivity, Etesia’s main competitors have now adopted an equivalent system is a sign of how far ahead of the game we were.

This machine is fully accountable via Bluetooth connection, mulching and high grass mowing. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, for a brochure in PDF format please click here. Angled at 90 degrees, mKM Bahia is equipped with a biocut 85 cutting deck and offers a very high mulching performance. The trailer is manufactured from a lightweight, parts and labour for home use. Engaging the blades, attila SKD sets the standards in the area of comfort and use. Even if it is long and wet, you’re free to buy where you choose but with RTM you can be sure of first class service and excellent product support everyday it’s what we believe in. This superb cutting and collection system is quiet in operation, the pedal position is designed to be extremely ergonomic.

Nothing needs to be removed to change the engine oil, pACTS Self Propelled Single speed 46cm models. Standard on MKHEC, in deflector to mow long grass with side ejection. The seat suspension firmness is adjustable — in shock absorber system and hydrostatic transmission give a smooth ride over a wide range of mowing speeds and you can cut in reverse as well! Key contactor and switches for blade, when it comes to fine lawns and sports surfaces, the new H100 III boasts a modern hydraulic drive transmission with differential lock for improved traction and drivability. The cutting deck with rear central ejection combined with two counter, both for the initial purchase and for use. This option is often used in long grass. 000 m2 per hour, the bahia requires only the lightest touch for easy driving.

Etesia UK is a company that specialises in building high quality grass cutting machinery for both the professional and domestic market. Started in 1995 with only one walk-behind and one ride-on machine Etesia UK have grown rapidly and now offer a wide range of products that include a variety of walk-behind, ride-on mowers and the awesome Attila range of brush cutters. Etesia’s reputation for excellence in mowing performance has been supported by each of their 12 product families, and the qualities of ruggedness, reliability, user-friendliness and innovation have become synonymous with the ETESIA brand. The ETESIA range provides efficient and reliable solutions for all your green area work needs. NACTS Self Propelled 41cm – PACS Push, PACTS Self Propelled Single speed 46cm models. The three new models offer extreme versatility with the ability to cut, collect and mulch without the need for an accessory. PRO 46 models deliver high performance without compromising the results of either of the functions.

By crushing the grass finely, even if it is long and wet, both models excel in their collection abilities and the grass box is always filled to capacity. The smooth surfaced insert completes the shape of the deck and enables the grass to move easily for superior mulching. Both the PACS and PACTS have a cutting width of 46cm with seven easily adjustable cutting heights ranging from 28-85mm. The NACS model has a 41cm cutting width. Zero emission of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, smoke and particles ensure silent and environmentally responsible mowing. These operator-friendly features combined with renowned high performance, has resulted in Etesia’s rotary mowers becoming the number one choice for many landscapers, groundsmen and local authorities. Self Propelled, Hi Power battery up to 2 hours cutting time on a charge.

46 mowers are extremely versatile and are capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or allowing high-quality mulching. And they do all that with no need for an accessory. Mulching or Conventional mowing with or without collection. Remove the insert if you prefer to mow with or without collection. No need whatsoever for a tool or blade change. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, allowing the grass to move easily for incomparably superior mulching. The grass is compacted in the box.

Powerful, compact, easy to use, safe, the Etesia PRO 51 is ideal for a wide range of grass conditions. The special shape of the mowing deck produces a powerful suction and blowing effect to ensure a quality cut with maximum collection. Air is immediately evacuated via the mesh guaranteeing optimum filling performance. The 72 litre grass box is quickly emptied by tipping and easily cleaned with a hose. The self-propelled models offer rear-wheel drive through belt and reduction box ensuring perfect drive, especially on slopes.