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Nyeri is a city situated in the Central Highlands of Kenya. It is the county headquarters of Nyeri County. It is one of the oldest towns in Kenya having been established in the British colonial era in Kenya. The town was the central administrative headquarters of the country’s former Central Province. Nyeri is the birthplace of the Boy Scout movement and hosts the tomb of the founder Lord Baden Powell. It is also the home town the late Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai.

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Nyeri’s Roman Catholic Cathedral also hosts the tomb of Blessed Irene Stefani “Nyaatha” who was beatified on 23 May 2015 in Nyeri. Half her remains preserved in the Cathedral, and the other half at Gikondi. The town is also the home of the famous national university of technology: Dedan Kimathi University of Technology DeKUT founded by the local community in the early 1970s as an institute of technology and converted into a fully fledged university in 2007. The city population, according to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census, was estimated at 225,357. There is, however, a significant population of primarily Government and corporate workers who ordinarily reside in Nyeri but who, during the census, choose to be counted in their areas of origin or the areas where their families are residents.

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